Rubber Mats

Exclusive Variety of Rubber Mats in Dubai


Are you in search of Rubber Mats in Dubai? Well Dubai Rugs is the only place that offers a huge variety which satisfies every customer. Rubber Mats are the much prioritized alternative now. Not only is the maintenance easy, but it lasts much longer than any other synthetic floor mats. We offer you the following type of Rubber Mats and floorings:

    1. Outdoor Rubber Mats
    2. Rubber floor mats
    3. Rubber Mats for gym
    4. Playground/ puzzle Rubber Mats
    5. Kitchen Rubber Mats
    6. Industrial/heavy duty Rubber Mats
    7. Anti-slip Rubber Mats
    8. Rubber Mats with Interlocking
    9. Insulating Rubber Mats
    10. Rubber Mat rolls
    11. Rubber Mats for cars
    12. Rubber Mats for garage
    13. Rubber Mats for commercial use

Though one can easily lay down a Rubber Mat, it’s not that much of a task. But in case you have a large portion of area, we provide installation services. Our installation team goes through a proper training until they master the art of laying down any sort of flooring be it Rubber Mat flooring. After the final selection of you Rubber Mat, leave the rest on our team. They are quick in their work and careful with the procedure. We use the finest raw substances and cutting-edge machines for our Rubber Mats for your floor. For commercial and outdoor Rubber Mats, the procedure might take a couple of days depending on the situation of the floor prior to the installation of Rubber Mats. Proper leveling of the area is necessary first, then we move on to the final installation.

    1. Avoid any acidic based chemical cleansers
    2. Don’t use any acetone- based cleanser
    3. Don’t use scrounging pads and steel wool sponges
    4. You can mop the Rubber Mat with water and allow it to dry
    5. Use any mild dish soap or Non-Acidic cleansing agents
    6. White vinegar could be a helpful DIY mat cleanser

Why Choose Us ?

We provide our customers with the best customer services. Our Rubber Mat shops provide you with the best customer care that starts from selecting the right mat: the color according to your space and interior, the right kind which will last longer than the usual, to the final installation. We offer customer care services with no hidden charges. You can always book our Rubber Mat consultation team for door stepping demonstration. This makes the consultation easier as it helps us study your home or commercial or any space of yours that require Rubber Mats. Our customer care unit provides our customers with their best knowledge to take care of the Rubber Mats, how and when to clean it, we assess with all.

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