Popular Styles of Rugs.

Decorating homes is a built-in aesthetic we all boast of having but few of us are capable of creating a living space that goes well with the prevailing ambiance of our home. Out of all upholstery, rugs play the role of game-breakers because they have the superb ability to jazz up or fade the room in which they are placed.

Usually, rugs come in rectangular shapes but they can be round, square, and oval too. Consider measuring the size of your room before purchasing your rug so you don’t end up with a huge bulky one, no matter how appealing it is, it’s of absolutely no use to you.

Rugs can even accentuate your walls. They don’t necessarily need to be placed on the floor to give a spark to your room.  If you fancy placing your rugs on the couches or sofas or beds, that will render a warm welcoming ambiance to your room.

Let us dive into what are the most popular rug options for us while designing our homes.

  • Persian or Oriental Rugs.

These are classic masterpieces. Whether you consider placing them as area rugs or as statement pieces, they won’t let you down. The warm organic colors of these will impart life and vibrancy to your room.

  • Jute Rugs. 

For your dining space, it looks appealing if you select an organic material rug to place under your dining tables. These rugs have a homely warm look and feel to them which carefully coordinates with the welcoming ambiance the dining rooms possess.

  • Plush Rugs.

 Plush rugs are the best buy when considering a purchase for your bedroom. The soft plush feel of these rugs is very helpful in helping you unwind after a long tiring day. You can rest your sore feet in them and feel your tiredness vanish.

  • Silk Rugs.

Silk area rugs render your formal living rooms with a whole different ambiance. The colors and prints use silk threads that impart a rich glossy touch to the completed rug which is indeed fit for royalty.

  • Outdoor or Patio Rugs. 

These rugs can help you in utilizing your outdoor space for constructive purposes because the comfort and practicality they offer will make you want to spend more time outdoors. They brighten up space and their durable fibers withstand harsh weather conditions.

Rugs are the best investment pieces. If proper care is taken of them they will last years. Just keep a few things in mind, keep the surface as clean as possible, and seek professional care when needed. Keep rotating the piece to ensure the surface remains the same on all four sides. Place rug pads to preserve the pile and fiber. And finally, protect your valuable rugs from direct heat and sunlight. No treatment can fix a dull faded rug.

So these were just a few of the points to consider before buying a rug for your lovely home followed by some tips to preserve it  for the long term. It’s all about the care you put in these things.