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Buy Comfortable and Luxurious of Kashmiri Rugs!


We understand the impact a flooring makes in your home interiors and the entire experience of within the environment. The tons of flooring options from wooden to carpet to vinyl to laminate, does not make it any easier to decide. But we are always looking out for ways to help you, this time it is our range of Kashmiri rugs to your rescue! 

Kashmiri or Jaipuri Rugs are the perfect fit for any space in your home, be it living room, dining room or bedroom. Because unlike hard floors, Kashmiri rugs absorb noise and prevent slipping and there are dozens of other benefits offered by Kashmiri rugs, let’s dive in each of them individually.

Benefits of Our Jaipuri rugs

  1. Our range of Jaipuri rugs have a seamless appearance. 
  2. We have designed Kashmiri rugs in a way that they make any space look larger. Because of absence of any seams they seems to stretch on forever in a room, making it appear larger and more spacious.
  3. Our range of Kashmiri Rugs are super soft. You can also explore our collection of Jaipuri rugs via our e-store and shop online from the comfort of your home.
  4. Our Jaipuri rugs are also cheaper than carpet tiles per foot, so you save money!
  5. They are sturdy and heavy duty, and can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as the harsh kid conditions indoors. 

Why Choose Us ?

  1. Our range of Kashmiri rugs is exceptionally good at sound and heat insulation. Along with absorbing all the unnecessary noises and vibrations, these carpets are also capable of regulating the temperature in accordance to the season, meaning they will keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers. 
  2. They are also fire proof and non-flammable. Hence our Kashmiri and Jaipuri rugs make a safe option as they will neither ignite nor contribute to the fire.
  3. Our Jaipuri rugs are also hypoallergenic and pose no harm to those with asthma or other health conditions because they do not soak or foster any dust mites.

It’s about time you invest in some premium quality Jaipuri rugs, you can either order Kashmiri rugs online through our e-store or visit any of our showroom. We are always delighted to see you. And in case, you cannot take time out of your busy routine, we will bring you some samples of our Jaipuri rugs. All you have to do is give us our address and we’ll be on our way!


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