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Buy Beautiful and Graceful Hand Tufted Rug


If you want to buy carpets that have value beyond their beautiful appearance then explore our well-made and one of a kind range of Hand Tufted Rugs. Our hand tufted rugs are famous for their graceful appearance and functional benefits that let you enjoy their optimal comfort and grace for decades. We stock a wide variety of hand tufted rugs that are made with premium quality natural fibers and our collection consist of colorful, geometric, flowered, paisley, or striped patterns. You can select from our wide collection or you can order a customized hand tufted rug, we pretty much provide everything you have seen on a machine made or hand-knotted rug. Our hand tufted rugs are among the higher-quality carpets you can find globally, they are completely unique work of art that are manufactured with high quality materials. Our hand tufted rugs for sale have better weaves than other locally made hand tufted carpets as ours are created by a professional and experienced weaver, and not on a weaving or looming machine. 

Our products are known to last for decades because we made them using the latest manufacturing process. Our manufacturers use a tool known as tufting gun to carve patterns and designs on the rug with the help of that gun. If you want to buy hand tufted rugs then you would not find better quality hand tufted rugs anywhere else in the market.

Our hand tufted rugs  require little to no maintenance due to their latest manufacturing process. You will not have to spend extra time and money on their cleaning, vacuuming will be enough to get rid of all dirt and dust. However, it is advised to keep rotating your Hand Tufted Rug every now and then in order to regulate the amount of sunlight they receive.

Why Choose Our Hand Tufted Rugs ?

    1. Our collection of hand tufted rugs does not have any limitations in terms of design, shapes or sizes availability.
    2. You can also design your custom hand tufted rug, as we offer unlimited design possibilities to our customers.
    3. The intricate design details of our hand tufted rugs, make each piece of our product line unique and appealing.
    4. Durability and longevity are the most renowned features of our hand tufted rugs.
    5. Our hand tufted rugs come with additional features of being low maintenance, fire and stain resistant as well as offer heat regulation properties.

We develop and design hand tufted rugs that increase the aesthetic value of the space and offer handful of functional benefits, too. If you want to experience the comfort and beauty of our hand rugs carpets then get in touch with us, we are just a call away!


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