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Get Custom Made Rugs in Dubai at Discounted Rates!


Interior décor is one of those elements of your home that truly depict your style and personality, so why not decorate your home with Custom Made Rugs? We are offering our customers the freedom to design rugs as per design their preferred size, color, design and material, so their home can be a true reflection of their taste and personality. With your Custom Made Rugs, it will be easier to color-match the rugs with your furniture or the interior decorations so, everything comes together in an elegant way.

Before we dig in to more details of our Custom Made Rugs, let’s talk about their prices. Firstly, we don’t charge you any extra money for your Custom Made Rugs, you can get them made in any material and size without any additional cost. Secondly, our Custom Made Rugs are extremely affordable, however, if you want to squeeze some extra discount, we have amazing discounted deals going on all year round, just be sure to check up with us.

You can also select or customize the thermal resistance (R-value) of your Custom Made Rug. In addition to this, we offer our customers a great deal of benefits that come totally free of cost with their Custom Made Rugs.

Benefits of Our Custom Made Rugs

  1. Anti-Fire – our services of Custom Made Rugs are designed with fire resistant feature. We manufacture rugs that are not only inflammable but also reduce the spread of flames and smoke throughout the area.
  2. Hygienic Standards – another property of our Custom Made Rugs is that they are ultra-hygienic and have undergone anti-bacterial treatment, hence making an ideal deal for people with allergies, asthma or other health conditions.
  3. A Huge Selection – with our huge selection of designs, fabrics, themes, colors, patterns and shapes you can choose a Custom Made Rugs that meet all of your demands.
  4. Uniqueness – we designs all of our Custom Made Rugs for Sale in a unique, trendy and beautiful way.
  5. Comfort Underfoot – our Custom Made Rugs have a very soft, cozy and comfy feel underfoot.
  6. Affordable – one of the main reason behind the popularity of our Custom Made Rugs is their competitive and friendly prices. You can get a rug designed of your choice at a very reasonable rate.
  7. Durability –  all of our Custom Made Rugs are not only durable and long lasting but also withstand the harsh weather conditions and still provide the same new look.
  8. Maintenance – we offer Custom Made Rugs that are not hard to maintain and clean. Regular vacuuming or a good shake occasionally will do the trick.

Buy Custom Made Rugs from us today!

With our Custom Made Rugs we don’t let you sacrifice on your dream rug. Just reach out to us and we will help you design the Custom Made Rug that you have been dreaming all along! Our customer care representative is available 7 days a week, so feel free to ping us any time you want.


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