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Buy Artificial Grass in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


What aspires us to look out for the alternatives for the things that are just getting costly for us to maintain. Artificial Grass is yet another such alternative for natural grass. As much the weekly maintenance costs us, Artificial Grass needs no weekly maintenance but also looks more aesthetic throughout the year. We bring you an overstocked range of Artificial Grass carpets.

One might question the much trending Artificial Grass, but obviously it is not only the easy maintenance that convinces every other person to get Artificial Grass installed in different parts of their house. It cuts the water usage to low, saving you from high water bills. The varieties of Artificial Grass we offer are so realistic, one might get a hard time figuring out if it is even not natural. It will always look perfect in every weather condition. And the best part, it won’t grow again and again which means it will have that uniform height till it lasts.

Why Choose Our Artificial Grass?

Our installation team goes through a proper training until they top the skill of Artificial Grass installation. Our team takes over right after you call us at your service. They are quick in their work and careful with the procedure. The procedure might take a couple of days depending on the situation with your floor prior to the installation. If the Artificial Grass is to be installed indoor the floor preparation procedure might only need leveling. Most of the times it is for outdoors, for which the installation team members go out of their way. Our team’s basic procedure includes the following seven steps:

  1. Measuring the area
  2. Preparing the area
  3. Laying weed membrane under the grass
  4. Acclimatizing
  5. Joining/tapping the edges and ends
  6. Trimming if needed
  7. Fixing with ground pins

In case you want to lay it all loose, or on concrete base, we can do that for you too. we deal with three types of Artificial Grass/turf.

  1. Polypropylene
  2. Polyethylene
  3. Nylon

We provide our customers with the best services, all under one roof. Our Artificial Grass shops provide you with the best customer care that starts from selection of the Artificial Grass, the measurement, the right texture to the final installation. In case you find the estimated cost of the procedure a little too much, we can always supply you with the Artificial Grass which you can lay down yourself. As it requires not much of an effort. We offer complementary customer care services for you with no hidden charges. You can always contact our Artificial Grass consultation team and take the experts suggestions on the installation of the Artificial Grass, or get a demo. Our customer care unit provides our customers with their best knowledge to take care of the Artificial Grass carpets, how and when to clean it we will assess you with all.

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