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Offering only the greatest in authentic art-level antique rugs has been a challenging yet extremely thrilling niche for us since we opened our doors. We specialize in works with the most enthralling artistry and the widest variety of decor compatibility. Our goal has always been to offer rugs that would have a magical influence on our clients’ homes and bring them genuine happiness daily. These are sound art investments that frequently become treasured family heirlooms. Thanks to our highly professional and vastly experienced staff, working with us will be almost effortless. You also have the assurance of our outstanding reputation as one of the best rugs suppliers, earned through hard work and dedication.

Types of Rugs That We Offer:

  • Hand Tufted Rugs
  • Machine-made Persian rugs
  • Kashmiri/Jaipuri Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Custom Made Rugs
  • Patch Work Rugs
  • Area Rugs

What Distinguishes Dubai Rugs

  • Unmatched Professionalism 

Professionalism should be prioritized when searching for the greatest rugs available. There’s a risk of a low-quality finish if the provider is not an expert. Dubai Rugs has set a high standard for itself and guarantees that its personnel follow it.

  • Service that stands out

We can help and guide customers regarding color schemes and how to set the “mood” of their environment, whether they want light and bright or warm and cozy, using our interior design knowledge and property experience.

  • Expert Installation Services 

Fitting is done by excellent, long-serving fitters, whose work we completely guarantee. These are just a few things you’d expect from a firm that prides itself on providing outstanding customer service at extremely low pricing.

More about our premium quality rugs

 Abudhabirugs.com is one of Dubai’s most well-known rug manufacturers, offering thousands of new, traditional, and classic designs made both by machines and by hand. To give our customers long-lasting carpets, we ensure that we constantly use high-quality raw materials to manufacture various types of rugs.


Our stores are stocked with ready-to-assemble carpets in a variety of styles and colors. If you desire customizing, our customization policy is always available to ensure that you are delighted with the colors and designs of the rugs in demand. It’s also a pleasure for us to print the artwork you provide us. We make certain that the following sorts of rugs for sale get a lot of attention from potential buyers. Each variety is intended to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house or office. We have a wealth of rug-making experience, making us the industry’s premier rug makers. Our interior décor products have already been put to good use with great results.

We make certain that all of the rugs are simple to clean and can be vacuumed to remove dust. As one of the most reputable rug manufacturers, we also provide a free consultation service that can be accessed by simply calling us. We transport the rugs to your door following the online rug selection, complete with installation service.


Are you looking for quality-oriented professionals? We are always at your service!

Our employees are trained in various procedures to provide the best rug cleaning service available. The goal is to create a rug as stunning as possible and attractive to the eye. Employees are instructed to tackle each assignment with professionalism and creativity in mind in order to attain these goals. The end result will not dissatisfy homeowners, and no task will be rushed. We value your thoughts on how the rug should look at the end of the day, and we’ll even guide you on how to keep the rug looking good for longer.

You name it, and we have it, even if it’s a classic rug or a modern rug created in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There is a large selection of carpets to pick from. Our rugs are composed of high-quality fabric, ranging from natural to synthetic, that will not fade or tear; they are also smooth and comfortable, allowing your feet to relax. Whether the rug is chosen for home restoration or commercial use, the diversity of contemporary machinery, great raw material quality, and a team of committed and technically oriented personnel make us the first choice. Traditional, carved, modern, floral, Egyptian, and geometric carpets are also available

The best approach to choosing the ideal Rugs for your home is to visit our store or website specializing in Rugs: https://www.dubairugs.ae/. At our store, you’ll find a wide variety of carpets to match your style and budget. Some individuals may find it difficult to select what type of carpet to buy, so if you’re thinking about getting a new carpet, stop by our Rugs store to see what options you have. There are numerous sorts of rugs to pick from, and some will complement specific areas of your home.


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